We Know Paradise

You're in safe hands with us

We know there are lots of different ways to book your holiday or honeymoon to Sri Lanka and the Maldives but because we know paradise intimately, we really care about making it personal to you. Here are some good reasons to book with us.


Our Founders Lived in Paradise

Because the people who set this business up are Brits that lived in Sri Lanka for years, we have brilliant knowledge of both Sri Lanka and the Maldives and also what a visitor wants from the destinations. We're in a unique position to be able to communicate and serve western customers with our unique take on paradise. We understand what it's like on both sides of the fence and believe that we have an unrivaled knowledge of how paradise really works and how to make paradise work best to suit our customers. Ask us anything, any questions you like, as we pride ourselves on coming back to you very quickly with really detailed and useful answers.


We are Specialists

We're not the run of the mill online booking engine, neither are we a jack of all trades high street travel agent. We are specialists. Sri Lanka and the Maldives is all we do. We do it all day, everyday. We live and breath paradise! We're not just interested in booking you a flight, hotel and transfer, instead we book you a fully tailor-made package as we want to make your holiday or honeymoon the most special trip you've ever had and really personalised to your preferences.


Personal service

For us here at Invite to Paradise the business is all about looking after you and giving you great service. You can email or call our specialist team in Northamptonshire England. You'll be served professionally and given the best advice on Sri Lanka and the Maldives.


Make the most of your trip

We realise it's a big effort and expense to travel to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, so it's really important to us that you make the most of your trip and do all the best things in the best way. For us it is about providing you with genuine quality. Don't take the the risk of booking with a company that isn't a specialist, by booking with us you can rest assured that you are getting the best trip possible for your dates, budget and personal preferences. You get one chance to have your holiday the way you want it so book with Invite to Paradise and you will get the perfect holiday for you.


Save time and money

Book with us and you will spend less time stressing about the holiday planning and you will spend less money too. Our specialists know Sri Lanka and the Maldives like the back of their hands and do all the hard work for you, so you don't have to. Modern life is busy and we know that it can take so much time trying to work out what holiday to go for and how to make it right for you. We make it super easy and stress free, so all you have to do is relax (and decide which flip flops to pack).


We have fully researched your trip

Most of the time our founders have been to all the places you will be going to on your holiday. We have already scoped it out for you so you don't have to get stressed trying to fully research everything online to work out what is actually best for you. We have already experienced the safaris in Sri Lanka, flown in the seaplane across the Maldives, sailed in the speedboat around the atolls, inspected hundreds of luxury hotels, eaten the food, tried the drinks, slept in the beds, met with the general manager, built a repor with the staff and found out the best things to do in every single place we offer you. Rest assured we have already done all the hard work for you and can give you the very best advice and perfect holiday built to meet your exact preferences.


Atol Protected & 100% financial protection

You're booking is safe with us. We are licenced by ATOL, operate a secure Trust account and are regulated by an industry leading organisation.

Follow the link for more information on how your booking is made safe with Invite to Paradise.


Packaged & Tailor made

Everything is arranged for you by us as a bespoke package for your holiday or honeymoon to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Our packages include everything from flights, luxury hotels, personal chauffeur-guide with private vehicle and all hand-picked wildlife and cultural excursions. Whether it be visiting the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka, going on a leopard safari in Yala, seeing the blue whales and dolphins off the south coast, picking tea leaves in the mountains or visiting ancient temples – we make all arrangements for you, so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

We tailor make all of our packages to suit you and your exact personal preferences, so it's a bespoke package service.

When you go to Sri Lanka with us you get served with celebrity-like treatment. Because of the strong relationships we have in place with our suppliers, including the best hotels, we can often get you some great extras such as room upgrades subject to availability.


Family Business

We pride ourselves on being an independent family business. We are led by husband and wife founders Reece and Claire Turvill who have lived in Sri Lanka for years. Because of this the business is really personal to us and we genuinely care that you have the best possible time in paradise.

As we are a small company we’re grateful that most of our new bookings come as a result of a personal recommendation from someone who has already travelled with us. It's also important to us that you want to use us again yourselves for future holidays, whether it’s a special anniversary holiday to the Maldives, or a tropical escape with the family to Sri Lanka. We serve you personally from beginning to end and, like a family, we are always here to help you through and through.


Based in the uk

Having our specialists based here in Northamptonshire England means we can serve tourists from all around the world. We are in daily contact with our teams in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and are used to co-ordinating closely with them (even considering the time difference!) so that we can create beautiful bespoke travel packages especially for you.


Local Teams in Sri Lanka and Maldives

On the ground in Sri Lanka and the Maldives we have dedicated teams based in the capitals Colombo and Male. This team can quickly sort out any unforeseen issues should they arise during your stay in paradise. Because we know the top management individuals of the hotels, we can make calls and get things sorted quickly. Our team also personally know a lot of the top hotel owners which ensures that if there does happen to be an unforeseen problem when you're there, you can call us direct and we can get it sorted for you as quickly as possible.


The best Chauffeur-guides in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka it is fair to say that the roads can be busy, eratic and even slightly mad at times! We think it makes a world of difference to your trip if you have a top drawer professional with you who is there to drive you around safely and look after you, personally ensuring you have the best holiday in Sri Lanka possible. In Sri Lanka there are chauffeur-guides, and then there are chauffeur-guides! Our tour chauffeur-guides in Sri Lanka are of the very highest quality. They are excellent drivers, English speaking and highly experienced with tourists. We get so many amazing reviews from our customers on our drivers and are more than happy to share them with you.

Some of the smaller roads can be very bumpy and twisty, so a high quality vehicle is key. Our vehicles are new models of top brands that are regularly maintained, which ensures you travel in style and comfort. Unlike some other travel companies, we refuse to give you an old car that is not up to scratch, with the suspension on its last legs and air conditioning not working. Other visitors to the island can be seen travelling from place to place by local bus, three wheeler / tuk-tuk or group transferred on a minibus or large coach. The trouble with these forms of transport is that the local buses are heavily overcrowded and can be unsafe, the tuk-tuks can be very uncomfortable, cannot take luggage cases and are likely to overcharge you and cause you so much stress. The minibuses aren't very luxurious or comfortable and the regular large tourist coaches are packed and scheduled to strict timetables, which means you have to leave the hotel to suit the schedule and not to suit yourselves. Travelling around Sri Lanka by private vehicle with your own personal chauffeur, who also acts as your guide, is definitely the best way to see the island.

For more information please visit this page on our private chauffeur-guided tours of Sri Lanka.



It's really important to us that we help those most vulnerable in Sri Lanka whenever we can. As often as possible we make contributions to charitable causes such as children's orphanages up and down Sri Lanka. We provide them with all sorts of items depending on what is mist needed at the time. Items include exercise books, pencils, clothing, shoes, bags, toys, food and drink. Should you wish to see these efforts, we can usually arrange your tour of Sri Lanka so that you personally visit one of these orphanages and hand over the much needed goods for yourselves.



We only recommend tried and trusted beautiful hotels where we know that the management, as well as the staff, can be fully trusted to look after you. It has taken years for us to narrow down our portfolio of recommended hotels, but we have now removed the risk of you visiting a hotel that isn't up to scratch. Some of the hotels we wouldn't dream of sending you to for one reason or another are actually highly recommended by many other travel companies. This perfectly illustrates the need to provide you with hotels which we are personally familiar with and can fully trust.


Personalised Travel Pack

Something unique to our service is that we give you an exclusive Travel Pack document that covers all aspects of your holiday or honeymoon before you travel. The Travel Pack, that we create espcially for you in house in Northamptonshire England, details everything for you about your trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, including a personalised map of your tour, an overview of where and when you're going and for how long, day by day itinerary detail, contact numbers etc.

We also make personal recommendations to you throughout this document on things like the best restaurants, bars, shops and optional experiences that we would recommend you consider doing to make your trip even better. We also include up to date information based on the constant feedback we get from our customers that have returned from paradise. It’s like having your own personalised guide book written especially for you, your dates and your itinerary.

Reading this before you go will ensure that you make the very best of your time in paradise. We send this to you a couple of weeks prior to departure.


answers to your questions

Once you have booked your trip with Invite to Paradise you have access to ask us any questions about your holiday. Because of our experience and specialist knowledge we can provide you with the most accurate answers. We have developed our own independant advice on all the important travel advice areas including spending money, local etiquette, food and drinks, what to pack, how much to tip etc. We can even teach you some of the local language (founder Reece speaks really good Sinhala and even know's all the bad words!)


Up To Date

We regularly visit Sri Lanka and the Maldives’ hotels, restaurants, bars and experiences to be able to give you the best advice on where to go and what to do. Having regular guests on the ground in Sri Lanka, along with expat friends and local connections, means we are constantly up to date with developments in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.



One of the reasons we set the business up was because we have seen and heard so many stories of people going to Sri Lanka for either their holiday or honeymoon and being sent to all the wrong places by other travel companies (or, if they booked direct with individual hotels, through booking engines they didn't have ATOL protection on their hard earned money). These people didn't necessarily enjoy it in Sri Lanka; it's like travelling anywhere, you need to go based on the best possible advice and recommendations. It pains us to see people not make the most of their trip, after travelling so far, as we know how amazing the island is and just want to share our knowledge of the country we love so much, and make sure that all visitors to this undiscovered paradise understand it and have the best time possible.

We would love to make sure you have the best time in paradise, so look forward to hearing from you to discuss your bespoke itinerary.

If you would like to receive a personalised package and price from us, then please get in touch as our team are always here to help you.