Vera & Dietmar

Sri Lanka 14 nights


Overall review: Authentic, excellent accommodation. Well thought round-trip with the opportunity to experience the true culture of the country.

Hotels: Excellellent choices. Outstanding. Very satisfied!

Chauffeur-Guide: Very happy. Quick and respectful Driver. Good English Language capabilties.

Excursions: Very interesting in general. Especially the wildlife safaris were nice. Spice Island a bit disappointingly short.

Best memory of the trip: The Buddhist temples, the elephant Safari, Lion's rock

How was the trip overall: Excellent

Could we have served you any better?: perfect.

Any ideas on what we could do differently to make our travel service even better?: perfect.

Good enough to recommend?: Yes

Would you travel with us again?: Yes

You planned a wonderful round-trip for us and it really turned out an amazing insight to the culture and beauty of this country. All accommodation places were beyond our expectations and each one spectacular for itself.
Our Chauffeur-Guide was a wonderful quiet and friendly driver explaining us details on the spots and always willing to accommodate our requests and additional ideas for the trip.

Although we had a technical problem with the car’s AC system, he was able to fix it in Kandy and arrange for smooth transportation to the hotel by tuk tuk. So we had an exciting event on our travel as well.
We will certainly refer our friends to you should they plan a trip to Sri Lanka. We would also like to do another trip rather soon and would get back to you for sure.
All the best for you, your family and your business!

Best regards,
Vera & Dietmar