Tea Plantation - Secret Boutique

A hidden gem in the green mountains of Sri Lanka

Super for a relaxing stay, sure to leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed in this stunning part of the tropical island. It's a unique stay for our guests because it's a planters bungalow turned boutique hotel, nestled in the heart of a gorgeous emerald tea plantation high up in the mountains. The views are spectacular here and the food and service are truly top notch. Rooms are very comfortable with great beds and lovely spacious bathrooms.

There are lots of little unique experiences to be enjoyed when staying here, they include:

  • Cooking classes with the in house chef (or even in the local town at a Sri Lankan restaurant)
  • Bird spotting
  • Monkey watching
  • Guided or independent bike riding to explore the natural beauty of the tea plantation environment
  • Trekking up mountains
  • Bathing in a local waterfall and natural pool
  • See the famous 9 arch railway bridge from the hotel grounds
  • Take a Victorian railway line train journey through this stunning green landscape

There's no pool or spa here but this is actually to it's benefit as it doesn't get outside visitors coming in to use the facilities so it feels really secret and private.

However there is a sister boutique hotel that is just next door to this place, where if you wish you can use any of their facilities, as photographed below, such as the infinity pool, spa, restaurant, bar etc. There's a shuttle between the two boutiques available to you or you can take a stroll through the grounds, which is a lovely little experience in itself.