Sri Lankan

Stilt Fisherman


Experience Sri Lanka’s traditional
Stilt Fisherman

The sight of stilt fisherman, carefully perched on wooden branched poles above the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean, has to be one of the most iconic images of Sri Lanka.

This traditional method of fishing is so interesting to watch, as the experienced fisherman make it look comfortable and easy, however it requires a lot of patience, balance, endurance and skill with the rod in order to bring in the catch of the day. Popular catches include herring and mackerel.

The crossbar of the stilt allows the fisherman to sit only a few metres above the water whilst creating minimal shadows, which reduces the chances of the fish feeling disturbed. The more still the fisherman can be the greater his chances of catching fish. The catch is collected in a bag which is tied to the pole or to the fisherman’s waist.

At Invite to Paradise we can take you to see Sri Lankan stilt fisherman as part of your bespoke tour of the island.

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