Sri Lanka weather and when to go

It's always hot in Sri Lanka

The weather in Sri Lanka is hot and sunny all year round. Perfect for a relaxing holiday or honeymoon by the beach or swimming pool.

From a holiday point of view we are really lucky with the weather in Sri Lanka because you can travel all year round. The tear drop shaped island, previously known as Ceylon, lies very close to the equator so it has a tropical climate which means it benefits from year round sunshine and high temperatures, typically averaging around 30 degrees on the coasts. Although the island is ringed with stunning exotic beaches the interior of the land is largely made up of jungle, safari parks, rain-forests, huge lakes and towering green mountains that play home to some of the worlds most picturesque tea plantations. Up here in the mountains, locally known as up country, the temperature is cooler by around 10 degrees, so packing a jumper or trousers is often recommended for these areas although not always necessary.

Two monsoon seasons

When one part of the island is in monsoon (low season) the other part of the island will not be in monsoon (high season). As a result the island is a year round holiday destination as there's always somewhere that is in high season.

When travelling to Sri Lanka on holiday or honeymoon there's always a chance you could have some tropical rain but it should by no means  put you off going to Sri Lanka. If you do get any rain then it usually doesn't negatively effect your trip as most people find it quite pleasant as it clears the air and becomes less humid.

If your thinking of visiting Sri Lanka for a holiday or honeymoon and would like to know what the weather is like in any particular month please get in touch with us and we will happily provide you with specific detailed information for your month of travel i.e.

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