Sri Lanka Overview

Invite to Paradise are Sri Lanka holidays and honeymoons specialists

Sri Lanka and the Maldives are all we do, all day, every day.

Being this specialist allows us to focus all our efforts and make sure that we provide our holiday and honeymoon packages in a way that is better than any other travel company out there. Because our founders lived in Sri Lanka it means that we are able to provide our packages in a really unique way that is very personal from us to you and we pride ourselves on providing superior service throughout the booking process and answering any questions our customers may have about paradise. Sri Lanka isone of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, but in general lots of people still don't know much about it so they don't tend to consider Sri Lanka as a holiday or honeymoon destination. That's where Invite to Paradise come in! We can take care of everything for you. This web page has some general information and stats about Sri Lanka, if there's something that you want to know that you cannot find the answer too then please contact us and we will happily come back to you with a helpful answer.

  • Sri Lanka is a true year round destination as it's always hot and sunny.

  • Practically 30 degrees all year round. The inland mountain areas are cooler.

  • When one part of the island is in monsoon season another part of the island will be in its high season. Read more about Sri Lanka weather and when to go...

  • So much in so little: It's small and compact, only about the size of Ireland, yet offers visitors so many things in one trip whether it be beaches, wildlife, culture, mountains, tea hills, sport or vibrant cities.

  • Culture in abundance, with 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites, temples galore and ancient cities.

  • The land of big smiles: The people are very welcoming, friendly and naturally hospitable.

  • Food is divine, featuring some of the best curries found anywhere and the seafood is second to none.

Sri Lanka and the Maldives neighbour one another in the tropical Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka and the Maldives neighbour one another in the tropical Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka has so much in so little.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka is very compact, it's only around the size of Ireland, yet it has so many different elements to explore and wonders to discover. It's the ideal adventure island as it has everything from sunny beaches to historic cultural sites, wildlife on a huge scale, staggering mountains and unique cities. Understandably many travellers to this island find themselves charmed by the exotic experiences it has to offer and find themselves wanting to go back again to discover more.

Something to bear in mind if it's the first time you're holidaying in Sri Lanka is that the map can be deceiving, it's easy to look and think that it's easy to get from one place to the next in a really short amount of time. Sometimes it can be but often the routes are not straight forward. The road may pass through lots of villages and small busy towns or you may have to pass round mountains which can take quite a while. We know the island really well and spend everyday working out the best routes for our holiday and honeymoon guests, so please get in touch with us and we will be able to help you with which routes are workable and which are more tricky.

Sri Lanka approximate size:

Top to bottom = 300 miles

Side to side = approx. 180 miles



It's always hot in Sri Lanka

The weather in Sri Lanka is hot and sunny all year round. Perfect for a relaxing holiday or honeymoon by the beach or swimming pool.

Read more about Sri Lanka weather and when to go...


Statistics and Facts

  • Population: 20,263,700 (est. according to 2012 census)

  • Official Languages: Sinhala & Tamil (although most people speak very good English)

  • Largest city: Colombo

  • Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

  • USD $ approx exchange rate: $1 = Rs 130

  • GBP £ approx exchange rate: £1 = Rs 200

  • Time: GMT+5:30

  • Country dialing code: +44

  • Roads: drive on the left side of the road


Sri Lanka's endless beaches are some of the best in the world. The sands are golden, the waters turquoise and warm and you can often find hardly anyone else on the beach!

The south and west coasts are already popular with lovers of the Indian Ocean and, for those in the know, the east coast has breath-taking beaches and an uprising of luxury hotels to match.


Sri Lanka is the only place in the world where you can see the two largest creatures on the planet in the same day - the elephant is the world's largest land animal alive today and the blue whale is simply the biggest and most impressive animal to have ever lived on our planet.

This is just the beginning of Sri Lanka's wildlife though, as it also has the highest concentration of leopards anywhere in the world, making for amazing safaris which also feature sloth bears, peacocks and wild boar. Cheeky little monkeys can be found throughout Sri Lanka, you are even very likely to find them within the grounds of hotels in the Cultural Triangle, in Kandy and also in the national park, Yala.


The famous Cultural Triangle is well worth a visit as it takes in ancient cities with fascinating architectural ruins amongst historical temples and geographical wonders steeped in history. One of Sri Lanka's 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a mountain fortress called Sigiriya, which has the ruins of a royal palace at its peak. In the photograph here it is seen from the lake. The mountain fortress is so impressive and dominates the surrounding landscape.


Simply an amazing choice of accommodation is available all over the island. We have tried and trusted these places over many years and will send you to only the very best places where we know you will be truly looked after. We have amazing secret little hotels that not many people know about, whether it's a boutique up in the mountains with staggering views, a bolthole nestled away in the jungle with your own pool or a gorgeous beach side jaunt full of every luxury comfort you could imagine. We're very particular about the hotels we send our customers too as it really makes a difference to our customers holidays and honeymoons.


Sri Lanka was Ceylon

Until 1972 Sri Lanka was known as the British colonial name Ceylon. Sri Lanka has a rich and colourful history, full of incredible stories that reflect the fascinating and proud heritage of the emerald isle in the Indian ocean.


Did you know?

Sri Lanka means 'resplendent island' (in Sanskrit). It has had various names over the years such as Thambapanni, Ceylon, Serendib (where the word serendipity comes from, see below) and Taprobane.

Sri Lanka's southern sea is home to the lowest point of gravity on the entire earth.


Do you know about serendipity?

One old name for Sri Lanka is Serendib the old Arabic, Persian and Urdu name. It was given to the island by Arab traders when they discovered the beautiful resplendent isle.  The name Serendib is linked to the word Serendipity, which means 'the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.'

The word is quite important to us as it's almost how the Invite to Paradise founders discovered the beauty of Sri Lanka, they moved to Sri Lanka for work not realising how many stunning secrets the island had just waiting to be discovered. The word serendipity is now relevant to our travelling clients as many of them discover things of beauty in Sri Lanka that they weren'tnecessarily expecting to find.


- Serendipity -

(noun) finding something good without looking for it

Honeymoon and holiday ideas

For a honeymoon or holiday idea Sri Lanka is the perfect destination as it has so much to do in such a little paradise island. Ideas for what things you could do in Sri Lanka include the best bits such as beaches, wildlife, culture, sunshine, a personal chauffeur and private vehicle, history, mountains, tea plantations, waterfalls, cities, great food and very friendly people.

Tailor-made tours

At Invite to paradise we are specialists for Sri Lanka and can give you a bespoke package that includes a tailor-made tour which takes in different parts of Sri Lanka's best bits and combines them together to give an amazing holiday of a lifetime. You will be chauffeur driven everywhere in comfort on your own private tour by one of Invite to Paradise's best drivers in one of our luxury vehicles with air conditioning. Your holiday or honeymoon package is designed to suit what you want and could focus on the key areas that interest you and suit your preferences. For example you could choose to focus on wildlife on your honeymoon or holiday with a particular emphasis on elephants. You could see the elephants in the wild on an elephant safari in a jeep driving through a beautiful National Park. You could visit the jungle on an elephant ride and ride high as you plod through trees, lakes and rivers or you could get even more up close and personal with elephants at Sri Lanka's elephant orphanage near to Kandy. You could even visit the gentle giants of the jungle at the elephant transit home a bit further south, the conservation efforts of this place is really important. This is just an example of what you could on your dream holiday to Sri Lanka. To top off the wildlife story of Sri Lanka why not let us add in a Leopard safari, a visit to a sea turtle hatchery or even a blue whale watching boat trip.

A little bit of everything

Sri Lanka delivers on every level and makes for the ultimate destination if you want a little bit of everything. Many of our happy customers tell us that they feel like they have been to several countries as Sri Lanka is so diverse. Parts of it feel like India with the gorgeous landscapes and rolling green tea hills, other areas such as the like Africa. One minute you feel like you could be in Thailand because if the tropical scenery, Buddhism culture and amazing food, the next you feel like your in an old colonial European city with cobbled and bustling streets packed full of shops, antiques, super cafes, restaurants and bars. We know all the best places to go to and will send you to them!

Don’t just take our word for it

Sri Lanka deservedly gets top plaudits worldwide from big brands. For example Lonely Planet named Sri Lanka as number one destination in the world to visit in 2013.

The Undiscovered Country - you might say Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight.
— Lonely Planet
So Much in So Little - the beaches! Dazzlingly white and all so often untrod
— Lonely Planet
It’s so easy - Sri Lanka is spectacular, it’s affordable and it’s still mostly uncrowded.
Now is the best time to discover it.
— Lonely Planet
Sri Lanka is our #1 destination for 2013.
— British Airways
Sri Lanka has emerged as one of the planet’s best-value destinations.
— The Independent (UK newspaper)
Sri Lanka is in our Best of the World Trips 2012.
— National Geographic
You never forget your first elephant, or the 30 that follow. The first was a lone bull, posing theatrically against the mountains. Then there was a group of orphans at the transit centre. In the tussle for milk they looked like kittens, except with foghorns.
— The Telegraph (UK newspaper)
Sri Lanka serves up secluded sandy beaches and exotic jungle wilderness – with vibrant cities in between. As well as the scenery and activities, the friendly Sri Lankan people will make you feel welcome.
— Post Office (UK)
There are very few places in the world where you can experience such a variety of countryside and climates: hot sandy beaches, cool hillside terrains, lush rainforests and elephant-filled national parks are just some of the reasons why Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean
— Condé Nast Traveller

If you would like to receive a personalised package and price from us, then please get in touch as our team are always here to help you.