Sri Lanka Map

Sri Lanka has so much in so little.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka is very compact, it's only around the size of Ireland, yet it has so many different elements to explore and wonders to discover. It's the ideal adventure island as it has everything from sunny beaches to historic cultural sites, wildlife on a huge scale, staggering mountains and unique cities. Understandably many travellers to this island find themselves charmed by the exotic experiences it has to offer and find themselves wanting to go back again to discover more.

Something to bear in mind if it's the first time you're holidaying in Sri Lanka is that the map can be deceiving, it's easy to look and think that it's easy to get from one place to the next in a really short amount of time. Sometimes it can be but often the routes are not straight forward as sometimes the road may pass through lots of villages and small busy towns or you may have to pass round mountains which can take quite a while. We know the island really well and spend everyday working out the best routes for our holiday makers so please get in touch with us and we will happily tell you which routes are workable and which are more tricky.

Sri Lanka approximate size:

Top to bottom = 300 miles

Side to side = approx. 180 miles