Elephant Ride

Optional: Whilst here you could also choose to do an elephant ride in this natural tropical paradise. It’s optional so you get to choose when in Sri Lanka whether to independantly do this or not, it’s entirely up to you. If you choose to do this yourselves then you will ride on an elephant through parts of paradise and get to experience these gentle giants of the jungle in an up close and personal way.

For many people this is a really good experience as it gives you the opportunity to interact with elephants in a different way compared to that in the wild on safari or at an elephant sanctuary. It should be noted that this experience isn't for everyone but should you decide to do it then it is possible to do so in Sri Lanka. 

The sheer size and power of these amazing emotional creatures is breathtaking. For an elephant ride there are different locations in Sri Lanka, a number of different elephants that you could ride and different elephant handlers (mahouts) that could be taking care of you and the elephant. It's important that before you go on the ride you are happy with the location, elephant and handler. When in Sri Lanka your chauffeur-guide will be happy to discuss some of the different options with you so you can decide what is best for your personal preferences at the time of visiting Sri Lanka.