Sri Lanka - Dambulla Cave Temples

Discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site

This fascinating cave monastery has been a place of sacred pilgrimage for 22 centuries and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perched on top of the entrance to the site is a huge iconic golden Buddha statue which looks over the outstretching lands for miles. Inside the five cave sanctuaries there are ancient Buddhist mural paintings covering a 2100 m2 area along with 157 Buddhist statues.


The degree of preservation of this cave temple complex is impeccable. It is the largest of its kind in Sri Lanka and makes for an incredible cultural experience. To reach the cave temples of Dambulla you walk up the winding steps, the views from the top of the staircase are amazing!

This walk enforces our opinion that the Dambulla cave temples are not only about the cultural history of Buddhism, the whole visit is an experience that takes in spectacular views of the stunning Sri Lankan jungle and mountainous scenery. You're also very likely to encounter Sri Lanka's cheeky monkeys along the way as they are all over this area of the island and love to greet you in their own unique ways! Some may say that this excursion isn't for everyone as the walk up and down can be tiring for some people, but if you're energy levels are up for it then we would say go for it as it's a great overall experience of Sri Lanka's natural beauty, cultural heritage and wildlife too. You won't regret it.