The Pickering Family

Sri Lanka Family Holiday 15 nights

- December -


We had the most amazing family holiday in Sri Lanka. We spent 15 days travelling around this beautiful island. Invite to Paradise & team put a great trip together for us where we enjoyed so much of this beautiful country. We travelled with 2 boys and the people in Sri Lanka are so accommodating and friendly with the children. For instance, whilst we were waiting for the train in Kandy, the children were invited to step into the signalling house (built by the British in 1849!).

We stayed in the most amazing and beautiful hotels, each one unusual and different and the wildlife was right on the doorstep. Going to bed at night and waking up in the morning and hearing the wildlife outside was just unbelievable. We enjoyed riding on an elephant, two wildlife safaris, climbing up the steep steps of Sigiriya, turtle hatchery, whale watching tour, tea plantation, spice farms, massages, the sacred temple of the tooth & Dambulla cave temple (with paintings which are over 2000 years old), the train ride into the hill country, rain forests, empty beaches and the most amazing infinity swimming pools (one being 75m long). There was so much to see, we can not list it all.

invite-to-paradise-sri-lanka-family-holiday-specialists-customer-feedback-pickering-sea-turtle-hold 2.jpg

Sri Lanka has some amazing wildlife, which you can easily observe on safaris as well as around the hotels. We have been to a turtle hatchery, have seen a whale shark, flying fish, many elephants, a leopard, giant squirrels, water buffalos, chameleons, sea snakes, hermit crabs, giant snails, mongoose, many rare birds, painted storchs, different types of herons, crocodiles, a family of wild boars who visited the hotel in Yala, land monitors and water monitors, monkeys, flying foxes, paracheete, fish eagle, crested eagle, and many many more.

Most days we enjoyed fresh king coconuts, mangos, avocados and pineapples. With Nishantha, our guide, we also discovered the markets in Dambulla, full of fresh fruits, vegetables and spices.

It was a wonderful holiday and I am sure we will go back.