Paul & Chloe

Sri Lanka 10 nights & Maldives 3 nights

- November -

Overall review: Overall review, is honestly, that this honeymoon could not have been any better! All the work that Reece put into our itinerary and the info we were given really made the trip special. We had such a good balance of cultural sightseeing, activities, fun and also luxury and relaxation to boot!

Hotels: Chloe being a Coeliac she had a lot of reservations about going abroad and I also wondered whether she would be able to indulge properly with the local cuisine. Every hotel chef met us in reception on check-in and they all either came up with great dishes for Chloe, or just asked her to name whatever she wanted and they made it separately. Truly better than the service we've had in the UK. A big thanks to Reece for all the work he did in contacting the hotels prior as this made it easy on arrival, all the hotels knew in advance and were very accommodating. Every hotel was fantastic. The Maldives resort was out of this world, and all the Sri Lankan hotels were luxurious and each unique in a certain way, be it amazing views, closeness to nature, or boutique luxury. 98 Acres views were show stoppers especially. Vil Uyana service was hard to beat. I also loved the long room in Galle Face (complimentary canapés and drinks) and we had unbelievable massages here too. Great relaxing way to finish


Chauffeur-Guide: Ruchira definitely deserves a special mention. Probably one of the nicest guys we've ever met, he was so kind and helpful, and we weren't really expecting him to be a qualified tour guide, but his encyclopaedic knowledge of the excursion sites was really interesting and impressive. He also went above and beyond constantly with little stop to a spice garden, fruit stand and coconut stalls which we weren't expecting either. any issues were fixed before we even knew they had happened and his help with Chloe's dietary requirements was invaluable as he met all the chefs with us in the reception and made sure they knew about the situation.

Excursions: All the excursions were brilliant. The train journey was really special, and Elephant safari was better than expected as we got really close to the Elephants and saw loads. the organisation from Ruchira really made all this trips so easy and left us free to just enjoy the experience.

Best memory of the trip: For me it was sun down at the Maldives having a cocktail looking out over the infinity pool and the ocean. Hard to choose though because the first morning at Ella seeing that view when we woke up, was a one-off experience. Also the Honeymoon dinner that we had in Cinnamon Wild over a croc filled lake! This was very cool, even if we were a little surprised at how close and how many there were. Looking back it was such a great experience. The snorkelling in the reefs in Maldives was again really special and so relaxing.

How was the trip overall: Excellent

Could we have served you any better?: I don't think you could have. Reece and Ruchira were flawless with their service.

Any ideas on what we could do differently to make our travel service even better?: Like I said everything was so perfect. The only thing that was a slight inconvenience (and that's all it was) was a cinnamon wild they said they upgraded us to a Beach Chalet (maybe because I previously asked Reece this (due to Chloe's Croc fears!), or maybe as a honeymoon treat), but it was a bit run down to be honest, and so I asked reception and they put us back in a Jungle Chalet, which was vastly superior and much bigger. So it was quickly rectified, the only reason I mention it, is so you know that the Jungle Chalets are really much nicer in my opinion, for future honeymooners! Like I said though, this really is nit-picking in what was a flawless and amazing honeymoon that surpassed all my expectations.

Good enough to recommend?: Yes

Would you travel with us again?: Yes


“Just wanted to say personally to you that it really was a dream honeymoon for Chloe and I.

I know we peppered you with emails before the trip about more than one subject, but your service really was exemplary.

We were so sad to leave every hotel we stayed at and I think all of them had something truly unique and memorable for us. A great trip and certainly the best holiday I’ve ever been on.

So thanks so much Reece you really pulled it out the bag!

I’ll be recommending you and Sri Lanka and the Maldives to anyone who will listen :)

Thanks, Paul”


“I'd like to second this big time!

The honeymoon truly exceeded all of our expectations, it was honestly dreamy from start to finish!

We have you to thank for getting to know us and what we were after and putting together a really bespoke itinerary that totally blew our minds!

I'm gushing ... It was amazing!!

Ruchi was fantastic too.

We'll certainly recommend you to future honeymoon-ing and holidaying friends as I don't think any of the big service providers could compare to what you did.

Best, Chloe”