Matthew Marchant & Rebecca Crockford

Sri Lanka 10 nights & Maldives 4 nights

March - April

We had a fantastic time seeing the sights and culture of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya was amazing, climbing the rock fortress was wonderful and we were very fortunate to get so close to families of Elephants with babies on our safari.

The mountains of Ella were stunning, after a trek up Little Adams peak we enjoyed the thunderstorms whilst sipping a beer in the sister hotel.

Our mountains view in Ella

Our mountains view in Ella

Overall our visit to Sri Lanka was amazing, for us this was something completely new and different as we aren't used to travelling around in one holiday. So we did find that the time spent travelling made the one night stops too short, with no time to really appreciate that location.

Unfortunately we did not get to see Leopards on our safari in Yala. Apparently everyone did in the afternoon, and the general consensus is that the afternoon is the better time to see them.


We didn't have the best time at Yala safari but staying there close to crocodiles, water buffalo and we even had a wild pig stroll through the bar one night was a sight to behold. Which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Cami looked after us well, it was nice to get to know him. His knowledge of all the sites were great to listen to especially as we hadn't learnt anything before we went! His driving was great and we felt very safe, though it did feel that he always underestimated the length of a journey.

The only criticism we would have is that when getting picked up at 11am we didn't really expect to have to stop for petrol within two minutes of leaving. This in itself isn't a big deal but we felt we spent quite a bit of time waiting for him during several stops he made. Which we felt should have or could have been done whilst he was waiting for us during one of our visits or stop overs.

Thank you so much for planning our honeymoon, we really did have a fab time - wish we were still there!

Kind regards
Becky and Matt Marchant