Matthew Ran & Jodie Schram

Sri Lanka 10 nights & Maldives 4 nights



Thank you for truly one of the most amazing trips, experiences, 14 nights, of our lives! Everything was so well planned, so thought out, Mohan was incredible and we had not a worry in the world. There was nothing that was not taken care of for us. During the trip, I kept a blog, it is not very professional and may not always make sense, but I finally got around to putting it together with some pictures. Thank you so much again for everything!


Chauffeur-Guide Review:

Dear Mohan,

We feel so lucky to have been given you as not only our driver and tour guide in Sri Lanka, but also our source of comfort and safety. With you around, we knew nothing could happen to us. The one time we tried to explore and bike by ourselves in Ella, we had to immediately turn around because you weren’t by our side to make us feel safe!

Your driving was excellent and smooth despite the tuk tuk’s, buses, trucks, lizards, dogs or even cows that may have jumped out in front of you and would have caused anyone else to have to slam on the breaks. You were prepared for everything, making the ride in the backseat very enjoyable.

You were as kind and as compassionate as they come. You had an answer to every question we asked and never seemed bothered by anything. Everything for you was ‘no problem’  making us feel comfortable and like we were at home. Our favorite parts of the trip were those not in the itinerary, but those recommended by you. You knew every place to stop at for lunch, even when to pay so we would get a better price, the best places to get a massage, even the nicest places to stop for a bathroom break on the long drives! You told us we were driving through the spice gardens, we asked for a tour, you knew exactly where to go and we had the best time. The royal botanic gardens you suggested were also a highlight. Our favorite moment with you was when we got in the car after Rawana Falls and you had the biggest smile on your face as we spotted the sweet corn you had bought us waiting on our seats. We had talked about it days before and you never forgot!

Overall, the trip would not have been the same without you there everyday to greet us good morning or without you there on safari’s to translate when we really wanted to know what the drivers wre saying or just without you there to be our friend. It is a journey we will never forget!

Take care!
Jodie and Matt Ran
Detroit, Michigan, USA
If you’re ever in America, reach out!