Lucas & Emily Fenning

Sri Lanka 9 nights & Maldives 5 nights

May - June

Overall review: FANTASTIC! The King of all honeymoons! It was such a treat to be able to speak to Reece, tell him what we wanted to do and him book absolutely everything for us. When you're planning a big wedding, i would not have been able to give our honeymoon planning enough attention to make it amazing. it was so great to trust that reece would deliver just what we wanted!


Hotels: All of the hotels we stayed in were unique and beautiful, most of them were chalets and were like nothing I've stayed in before!
The places in the tea plantations were AMAZING. We wished we could have stayed another night there because it was SO brilliant! Sigiriya was another favourite and also Yala was so cool to be in the wild but also luxury too!

Chauffeur-Guide: Mohan was incredible!!! So friendly, and sweet to us. He would stop on the side of the road in Sri Lanka and get us a King Coconut! I was worried it would feel awkward, being in the car for so long with a stranger but it was brilliant and lots of fun. He would do anything for us, find a waterfall or a temple for us to go look around and explore, even lent us some rupees when we were a bit low and couldn't find a cash point!!

Excursions: Loved all the excursions Reece planned for us. Our favourite was climbing Sigiriya Rock and also the Safari. Seeing a family of wild elephants was amazing!!!

Best memory of the trip: All of the Maldives! We absolutely loved our hotel in the Maldives and would go back every year if we could. it was called Centara Ras Fushi. it was only 25 minutes from airport to the hotel in a speedboat which was lovely. The staff were brilliant and so friendly. We stayed in a 'Sunset spa sea villa and it was the most gorgeous villa i have ever seen. It had a jacuzzi bath outside and big bifold doors going into the villa! We never closed the curtains so every morning we woke up to the big bright blue sea!

How was the trip overall: Excellent

Could we have served you any better?: Not at all! Reece was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble for him!

Any ideas on what we could do differently to make our travel service even better?: Told us to stay 1 more night in the tea plantations Reece did originally have us down for two nights there but we changed it thinking we would like an extra night in Galle (Which coincidentally was our least favourite place). LISTEN TO REECE!!!

Good enough to recommend?: Yes

Would you travel with us again?:Yes

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