Calogero & Kayleigh Tagliarini

Sri Lanka 7 nights & Maldives 7 nights


Overall review: We really enjoyed the mixture of culture and relaxation that the personalised itinerary had to offer. I was impressed by the local knowledge of the destinations that Reece had and I was impressed that Reece took the time to really understand what we were looking for out of our honeymoon. This made invite to paradise stand out from the high street travel agents we had approached for quotations.

The local knowledge that Reece offered meant that we got to stay at some wonderful places and we really appreciated the restaurant and places to visit recommendations.

We would definitely recommend invite to paradise to our friends and family

Hotels: We loved the first hotel we stayed in Sigiriya, the room was impressively big and charming. We loved being surrounded by nature - the grounds were beautiful. Our hotel in The tea county was also lovely and unique, the staff were nice enough but not as friendly and the food wasnt great. We paid extra to upgrade to the honeymoon suite and was a little disheartened upon arriving as we expected our room allocation to be a suite. I think it's fair to say that the first hotel we stayed in set the bar high. We absolutely loved the hotel in Colombia and our room was beautiful. We could definitely see why the hotel is one of your favourites in Sri Lanka. The staff are wonderful.

The Maldives resort was also beautiful be met our expectations.

Chauffeur-Guide: Ruchi was lovely and very knowledgable. He took a genuine interest in how our hotels were and did his best to make sure we were as comfortable as possible. We gave ruchi feedback on the tea county hotel which he must have passed on as the level of service we received dramatically improved when we returned and we highly doubt that was coincidental. We felt this was above and beyond our expectations and this was very well received.

Excursions: We enjoyed all of our excursions, thank you!

Best memory of the trip: Many beautiful memories were created but I have to say Sri Lanka. We definitely fell in love with the diversity that such a small country has to offer.

How was the trip overall: Very good

Could we have served you any better?: Overall we were very happy with the services received and would definitely recommend you.

Any ideas on what we could do differently to make our travel service even better?: No

Good enough to recommend?: Yes

Would you travel with us again?: Yes