Horton Plains & Worlds End

Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a misty grassland plateau, a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It sits at an elevation of more than 2,000m (6,500 ft) and is around 20 km from the hill country town of Nuwara Eliya (also known as little England because of the cooler climate). There is a serene and mysterious silence about Horton Plains which leaves you really in-tune with the natural surroundings and allows you to listen out for local wildlife. It’s most notable for it’s excellent treks.

There's wildlife too in the dense forests of Horton Plains National Park. It is home to impressive deer, jackal, the shaggy bear-monkey, sambhur (a large deer) and the occasional (very rare) leopard. The plains are also very popular with birdwatchers.

World's End

The most amazing feature of Horton Plains has to be the stunning landscape known as World’s End, where the southern part of the plains drops almost vertically for 700m. The ideal time to view this site is at dawn, when the mountains are free of mist and the sun is just rising.