Honeymoon Gift List

Add to your honeymoon package for just £59

Create your ultimate fantasy wishlist to transform your honeymoon into the trip of a lifetime. Include anything: luxury upgrades, wildlife safari, unique dining locations — the choice is yours.


A lot of people who are getting married may already have a home and everything to fill it, so instead of asking wedding guests for traditional wedding gifts for the home why not allow your guests to contribute towards your Sri Lanka and Maldives honeymoon. If you book your honeymoon with us we can provide you our great honeymoon gift list service that makes it all super easy and stress free.

It's great because instead of Aunty Pamela getting you a boring bread bin or an iron she can actually pay for you to have an experience in paradise such as a wildlife safari, a romantic dinner or cocktails on the beach instead! This way you end up with gifts that you both actually want and your wedding guests are happy to buy you an amazing life time experience instead of something for your home that you may already have. Have a look on this link for more information on our honeymoon gift list sand if you have any questions on how it works then please do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone, email or text as one of our travel team will be more than happy to help you.

Instead of asking for only tradtiional gift items for your home, put together a wedding gift list of experiences, activities and contributions to your honeymoon. A great alternative to housewares, where your wedding gifts stay meaningful and special.

- We can provide you with a honeymoon gift list -

the modern approach to wedding gifts

Your guests choose any of the ideas you’ve listed, and leave you a personal message. They then pay the value of their gift to you directly — through a one-off Direct Debit payment straight into your bank account, by credit card into your PayPal account, directly into your bank account or in person on the day of your wedding.

  • We don’t take a commission out of the gifts you’re given. This can save you hundreds of pounds over wedding lists based on a service charge.

  • We don’t hold any funds on your behalf. So your gifts are totally safe, and available as you need them.

  • You and your guests get dedicated support. We’re always happy to help you or your guests, by email or phone.

  • Your list has no limits. You can include as many different items as you like, in any number of categories, and even mix honeymoon gifts with traditional household items.

  • Choose from a selection of beautiful design themes. Customise your design and upload a unique image for each item on your wedding list!

  • Make your wedding list unique. With features unavailable anywhere else Including Direct Debit gift payments, language, currency, search and Helping Hand options!

  • You get customised notification cards (example shown below). These go in your wedding invitations. If you have your invites from our sister company Invite Stationery then we integrate this information into the design so that everything matches your wedding theme! Contact us for more details.

If you would like to see our gift lists in action then you can go to our example Honeymoon Gift List for Sri Lanka and The Maldives enjoy seeing all the amazing features we offer you.

If you would like to receive a personalised package and price from us, then please get in touch as our team are always here to help you.