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Do you guys like wildlife, would you like to take in some wildlife experiences during your trip? We have so much wildlife in Sri Lanka from elephants to blue whales, dolphins, monkeys and sea turtles, we have several national parks one of which has the highest concentration of leopards found anywhere in the world. Would you like me to incorporate some wildlife experiences into your trip?
Sri Lanka has 8 Unesco world heritage sites including temples, royal mountain fortresses and ancient cities. It’s an exciting adventure setting off in the morning with your personal chauffeur and going out to see some ancient cultural sites then coming back to your luxury hotel where you can spend the rest of the day chilling out by the swimming pool. Would you like me to include some of these cultural experiences into your package?
Do you like the idea of scenic mountain landscapes? Sri Lanka is so unique as in-land it has huge stunning mountains that are about 6000ft above sea level and are filled with gorgeous tea plantations. You can kick back and enjoy the views and you can even go for walks to explore the mountains. Would you fancy going to the tea plantation areas of the island and staying there for a couple of days?
We’ve got super beaches on all sides of the island, perfect if you want to combine a bit of adventure seeing and doing incredible once in a lifetime things and then going and relaxing by the beach as well. Do you want me to plan in a few days by the beach so that you can completely relax?
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