Elin & Jordan Luce

Sri Lanka 9 nights

- September -


Overall review: Our honeymoon was a dream come true - a holiday of a lifetime!

From the moment we landed and were greeted by the unstoppable smile of our wonderful guide, to the day we said goodbye to beautiful Sri Lanka, we had the time of our lives!

Sri Lanka truly does 'have it all' - wildlife, culture, nature, beautiful food, stunning hotels, friendly people and so much fun and adventure to be had!

We cannot thank Invite to Paradise enough for making this the easiest, most stress-free holiday we could have even imagined - we did not have to lift a finger thanks to you and it was absolutely seamless. We only wish you did the rest of the world so we would never have to organise a holiday again (or are we just lazy now?!...;)

Hotels: We absolutely loved all of our hotels for different reasons - We loved the Jetwings hotel at Sigiriya and the Cinnamon one...these were our favourites (a tough choice!)

The food at every hotel was absolutely outstanding and the staff so kind, helpful and of course, smiley!

Many of the hotels we wished we could have stayed longer in! It was sad to be in such stunning hotels and not have time to enjoy them - next time we will make a longer trip so we can make the most of the places we were in for just one night.


Amazing - nothing could have been better.

Speedy communications, flexibility, suggestions and knowledge - its was really fantastic.

Chauffeur-Guide: AWFUL!!! ;)

Ruchi was more than we could have hoped for - he was friendly, fun, so knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to be around.

We felt in very safe hands and he made sure we were comfortable and happy throughout our trip. He knew what we wanted even before we did and kept in mind Jordan's leg wherever we went - making things so easy and comfortable. It felt like we were on holiday with our friend and the holiday would not have been the same without him! He has a big place in our hearts along with Sri Lanka!

Excursions: The excursions were really well organised and so enjoyable. Ruchi kept us so well informed and organised that everything felt seamless and stress-free.

The only excursion/visit we would not do again/recommend to friends, was the trip to the herb and spice gardens - it felt like a con and left a little bad taste in our mouths (excuse the pun!)

Best memory of the trip: Jordan - my best memory was stilt fishing. It was close to the end of our trip and it was the icing on the cake. The insane views, the lovely fisherman, it was just perfect and I could have stayed for hours.

Elin - I loved the elephant safari - we were so so excited to have spotted a mum and baby when we first arrived and then we went round the corner to a big lake and were greeted by upwards of 60 elephants hanging around and playing in the water. It was so memorable and a pinch yourself moment.


How was the trip overall: Excellent

Could we have served you any better?: Amazing - nothing could have been better.

Speedy communications, flexibility, suggestions and knowledge - its was really fantastic.

Any ideas on what we could do differently to make our travel service even better?: We would have liked a clearer guideline on tipping list - i.e Bellboy - x LKR / Waiter - x LKR

This would have been really helpful just to have a ballpark to work from as it was really difficult for the first few days to know where to start!

Just a suggestion as part of the travel pack :)

Good enough to recommend?: Yes

Would you travel with us again?: Yes