Let us bring you closer to nature at this superb ecolodge in the undisturbed surroundings of Gal Oya, Sri Lanka.

Located off the beaten track within a raw, remote and scenic landscape of mountains, lush jungle and close to the shores of Sri Lanka’s biggest lake, the lodge is a beacon of luxury-rustic design. Shining through the entire retreat is an environmentally inspired concept that feels easy, relaxing and natural with considerate use of local materials like illuk, stone and cajan timber. Local villagers have hand-made the furniture using traditional woods and methods passed down the generations.

This 20-acre private haven really allows you to hideaway, it liberates you from the confinement of modern everyday life, so you can ditch the internet, phones and social media and truly get back to nature.

The service is worthy of note and reflects the hospitality of the region. The staff are locally-recruited and are keen to talk to you and share their stories which makes the stay all the more interesting. The food in the restaurant is excellent and always gets great feedback from guests. There’s also a bar and swimming pool if you just want to relax.

For the wild at heart the natural environment has wonderful opportunities with pretty birds and giant asian elephants being the main wildlife on offer in this part of the island. If you appreciate birds (or even better if you’re a keen birdwatcher) then you should come here and enjoy the boat safari on the big lake. There’s a huge variety of endemic birds at play as well as the migratory birds that winter here during Dec-Apr. You may even get lucky and witness the unique sight of elephants swimming between the lake’s islands. Expert naturalists are available to share their knowledge with you and the guided experiences offer a refreshing take on the traditional Sri Lankan safari. You can experience jeep safaris to the Gal Oya National Park, treks in to the jungle and mountains, bicycle tours, bird walks and even a jungle cooking course.

This ecolodge in Gal Oya, Sri Lanka is peaceful, authentic, natural and above all allows you to escape.