East Coast Excursions

We have many different excursions available on the east coast of Sri Lanka, depending on how long you are staying there and whereabouts we locate you will depend on which excursions we could include in your package for you. Excursions that are not in your package may be available still as an optional excursion for you to decide on at the time. This page lists most of the excursions that are popular with our holiday makers, although there are other excursions too. Please ask us if there's something in particular that you're interested in that isn't listed on this page. We are Sri Lanka experts and love to give you a bespoke trip, so everyone's package ends up slightly different because we want our packages to be as unique as you are.

Pigeon Island National Park

You can visit this gorgeous tropical island by boat just 1km off the shore of Sri Lanka's stunning east coast beach of Nilaveli. It's a lovely experience to go on the boat ride and have a look around Pigeon Island with it's powdery white sand beaches, rock pools and little paths running through the luscious green vegetation. You can even snorkel and dive here to explore the underwater landscape of natural coral gardens and a shallow reef with it's pretty little reef fish. There's also blacktip reef sharks here and sea turtles too for you to discover, so you can actually swim with little sharks and turtles here! We encourage all of our visitors to enjoy experiences like this responsibly so please do not disrupt the wildlife by touching or trying to catch turtles or blacktip reef sharks etc. We cannot emphasis enough the importance of taking care not to damage the environment particularly the coral. Please do not walk on the coral or try to break parts of it away to take as a souvenir. Please only take photographs and memories from this lovely island. Visiting this island isn't for everyone, you may prefer to just kick back and relax by your hotel pool or beach and that's completely fine, but if you want a bit of a tropical island experience then go for it, some of our holiday couples from the UK have said it was the highlight of their entire trip.

Other Excursions Include

this section is still under construction, please shout us if you want us to send you specific information and pics of anything below, we are here to help you!

  • Trincomalee Harbour (one the best natural harbours in the world)

  • Koneswaram Temple (over looking the sea)

  • Hot springs (some people like them so don’t)

  • Marble Beach (it’s a stunning beach in Trincomalee, there’s a hotel on this beach that is run by the Navy, it can be worth visiting here to see the beach and have a drink at the hotel bar whilst you’re here).

  • Blue Whale / Sperm Whale and Dolphin Watching (dependant on whether the deep seas are calm)

  • Ocean fishing trip for yellow fin tuna etc (please ask either driver or hotel before hand)

Beach/Water sports on availability from some of the hotels, such as:

  • shipwreck scuba diving

  • water ski

  • jet ski

  • windsurfing

  • canoeing

  • speedboat

  • banana boat

  • hobby cat sailing.