East Coast Boutique

luxury in a jungle and on a beach


This stunning luxury Sri Lankan hotel is situated directly on the light coloured sands of the north east coast in the sleepy seaside village of Kuchivelli, just 27km north of the famous Trincomalee.

The location is therefore slightly off the beaten track, as it’s a bit further up the gorgeous coast than the more traditional Nilaveli beach, but when you get there you see that it’s worth travelling those extra few kilometres as this is such a special experience.


As you approach the large wooden gate of the hotel you turn into a small twisty road that reveals the wonderful entrance to this secret hideaway, camouflaged against the background of the jungle greenery. The hotel staff are standing there with beaming smiles ready to welcome you to their luxury retreat, the look in their eyes tells you that they know how much you’re going to love it here, you can tell they have such pride in presenting guests with such a beautiful place. As you get out of the car your driver and hotel porter will get your bags for you and then you’re each given a gorgeous Sri Lankan flower known as the Arayliya flower you’re then asked to place this in the water of a large stone grinding bowl to signify your arrival at the hotel and the start of your holiday experience with them. By counting the number of white and yellow flowers in the water you can tell how many other guests have arrived today.

As you look round to the entrance you’re presented with an inviting suspened walkway leading right to the heart of the hotel. It’s Uluk leaf grassy roof top canopy is supported by lines of wooden teak tree trunks all laboriously wax treated. Surrounded by jungle trees and shrub this walkway offers windows into the heart of the hotel. You see the turquoise coloured swimming pool down to the left and you just want to dive right in immediately! First though to check in at the informal reception, you’ll be asked to take a seat and will be given a refreshing cold towel and a welcome drink. From this platform you realise you’re in the central hub of the hotel with the restaurant and bar laid out beneath on either side. trees reach up from all sides with branches curling and reaching their way across the underside of the hotel roof. This environment leaves you unsure as to whether you’re actually inside or outside, the truth is you’re both inside and outside at the same time! It’s perhaps best described as feeling like you are in a luxurious tree house right on the beach. This is the core concept of the hotel, it beautifully and cleverly intertwines the natural environment and the hotel structure into one, leaving you fully immersed in the back to basics of nature whilst having all the modern comforts of 5* luxury hotel. Stretching further still in to the jungle canopy you notice that this welcome platform widens again and offers you your first glimpse of the sandy beach and calm azure waters of the Indian Ocean, calling out to you to run ahead. You’ll then be taken along winding paths of sand and stone to your cabana room. 

Once inside you’ll be glad to be having part of your holiday here in this impressive secret slice of paradise. 


Combining two of Sri Lanka’s best natural environments, the beach and the jungle, this hotel is cleverly hidden within the jungle itself. Think 5* luxury cabana rooms on sand surrounded by jungle shrub and natural wildlife.


The beach cabana style rooms are contemporary with all the modern luxuries you could want, such as king size bed with lovely big fluffy pillows, ipod docks and secluded private sun decks  cleverly constructed with materials such as rustic mud, polished concrete, solid wood and finished with textiles. The bathroom's are amazing with the Jungle Cabanas  and Beach Cabanas both having outdoor showers on suspended decks. It's the best way to wake up looking up at the blue sky as the power shower massages your neck and back.

There's loads of space inside the rooms and outside too which gives you lots of privacy and means you also feel as though no one else is staying at the hotel and that you have the place to yourselves at times.