Cultural Triangle Boutique

Amazing style and luxury

You get a real sense of freedom hopping on bicycles and setting out to explore 58 acres of Asian landscaped nature. As you gently cycle along the tracks you pass beautiful rice paddy fields, reed beds and a lake, then out of no where you notice cheeky monkeys swinging through the trees and you suddenly think your playing the part of Mowgli for the day, from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. We then saw the stunning peacocks again just going about their business of looking all pretty and exotic. You notice little paths going off from the beaten track that lead to other private luxury chalets. We passed under an overhead observation deck at sunset and just had to climb the wooden steps to look over the stunning natural environment as the sky turned as orange as a monks robe. We pulled ourselves away to cycle for a minute or two more so that we could reach the old mansion before dark.

As you approach you notice the azure pool glistening away and you look forward to taking a running jump into it. In the manicured tropical garden there's a rustic swing hanging from the huge branch of a tree, next to it is a picturesque hammock tied in between tree trunks. It's amazing how much you feel like a kid swinging on this huge swing. Because of its height it makes you feel as small like being a child again. What with the bike ride as well you feel as free as a child in a playground, except this is luxury at it's best. It's a lovely comforting feeling and makes you want to stay longer.

You finally indulge in exploring the glorious old mansion with its open sides, huge white pillars and ornately carved wood . It's interior design is very Sri Lankan in style and taste with polished concrete floor to keep the place cool, high vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams, antique furniture, fine silk cushions, exquisite lighting and towering carved wooden pillars. There's a section of the floor that's made of glass and you realise it's an underfloor wine cellar.

We then saw the same huge smile on the guest relation officer's face we saw earlier on, dressed in a wonderfully colourful sari she pointed us up the wooden stair case to check out the restaurant. The views from the first floor eatery are perfect as they look back over to the direction of the chalets and towards the gorgeous pool and manicured gardens. A lovely waitress greeted us, with hands closed together in the traditional praying position, and wished us Ayubowan. She informed us that we can order food at anytime here, there's no set meal times, you just order whenever your ready. By this time we were wondering how the stay could get any better then the smell of dinner from the kitchen makes your mouth water and you can't wait to see what's in store.