We love great value

We often get asked 'Are your holidays, honeymoons and weddings to Sri Lanka and The Maldives cheaper than the big travel agents out there, such as Virgin, Kuoni and Thomas Cook?' The answer is simply that we always give you better value for your money. You get more pow for your pounds as it were.

Because we lived in Sri Lanka we know so much more about it compared to any other travel company out there, as we have experienced it first hand. We've stayed at the hotels, had our own chauffeur, cuddled the elephants, experienced the safaris and become close friends with the locals. So we really do know it by instinct, by touch and by feel. It's second nature to us. Most high street travel agents will simply pick up their brochure flick through to see if they list Sri Lanka and then tell you the information in the brochure. So they'll say something like 'it says here that this is the best month to travel to the west coast'. They are usually just reading information from a brochure and passing on the information to you. If you're lucky you may get a member of staff who is the designated specialist for Sri Lanka or The Maldives, when in actual fact they may have just been lucky enough to visit for a week or two on work. They'll tell you how great this or that hotel is, but in reality the hotel know they are a travel agent and can sometimes give them preferential treatment. All this doesn’t really compare to having lived there and visited the hotels as holiday makers, receiving real service, which means we can give you real advice.

Also we don't just book you a flight and hotel leave you to it, we personally serve you by carefully selecting the best hotels and experiences for you as an individual. We give you a really specific service both in the UK and in Sri Lanka with our team on the ground in Colombo. With us you can be sure that you're getting the most out of your trip to Sri Lanka and The Maldives and very best value for money. After all, if you choose to go there for such a special holiday, you need to make sure you make the most of it.