Anaïs Beddard & Patrick Ohsann

Sri Lanka 9 nights & Maldives 5 nights


Overall review: We couldn't have chosen a better setting for our honeymoon and Invite To Paradise was worth every penny. Reece was very helpful in establishing our journey through Sri Lanka and time in the Maldives. It was great having an agent who was familiar with many areas of the country, hotels, tourist experiences and local secrets. We were very happy with the balance of customization and ready-to-go options.

Hotels: We stayed in a lot of hotels!! The two hotels that blew us away were inthe Cultural Triangle and the Tea Plantations. The private villa with private pool was unreal. We were so happy here. Ella was incredible in its own way with gorgeous views from our room. As you said, we might wish we had stayed another night here. Our next spot in Yala was a little less polished and we were regretting (only slightly) leaving Ella after only one day, but Patrick was being called by the safaris! We loved our time on Oblu as well. While totally different than our time in Sri Lanka, we were glad to relax and take in the ocean wildlife. The diving and snorkeling was incredible, and the food and service was superb.

Chauffeur-Guide: Nishantha was an excellent host and guide. From the moment he picked us up at the airport with fresh flower leis Nishantha treated us like beloved family. He was an efficient trip planner, great negotiator and always thinking of ways to make our trip special. Nishantha is incredibly knowledgeable, cheerful and untiring, and within days we felt very close to him. I think our trip and all of our in-country travel and sight-seeing was really only possible because he was so hard-working and experienced.


Excursions: The excursions were excellent. Both safaris were incredible, and Nishantha had great selection of safari drivers with keen eyesight. Nishantha recommended a traditional Ayurveda treatment and massage that was both relaxing and restorative. The cultural sites were very special and without Nishantha's knowledge and guidance we would have only scratched the surface of these important pieces of history.


Best memory of the trip: I can't narrow it down to just one, but a few of our favorite memories of the trip are watching a mother elephant and her baby eat berries from a tree while on safari in Yala, and visiting the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.

How was the trip overall: Excellent

Could we have served you any better?: I am sure that we missed it, but we were caught by surprise when we were informed at the Male airport that we would not be traveling by boat to Oblu because of bad weather. It was disappointing, and we were taken out the following afternoon. A heads up would have been good, but maybe it was in the pdf and we missed it.

Any ideas on what we could do differently to make our travel service even better?: I don't think so.

Good enough to recommend?: Yes

Would you travel with us again?: Yes